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The Google Directory product is a great introduction for a business to help get them get recognised by Google. This means whenever potential customers are searching they will be finding you. This also allows you to customize the types of categories that you appear for.

We know nowadays people are getting more and more specific on each search and will also help you only get the types of calls you want. This also includes when people are searching on mobile devices which is more popular than PC’S now.

We understand that as the markets getting more competitive that your customer base catchment area has to grow. We have lots of customers that do delivery or provide such a good service people are willing to travel that bit extra in order to find them.

5-10-20 MILES

Stats tell us having a top 10 PRIORITY position is a great way to ensure that when potential customers are searching Google for your service they can find you. Our research shows 90% of people searching will select someone in these TOP 10 coveted positions.

This will ensure that your business will be visible to any searches within a 5-10-20 MILE radius. You will also benefit from the new one touch for directions or call function Google now offers to their end users.


  • Top 10 in all available areas of selected radius
  • Professional loading of google business directory
  • Category specific directories entry and continuous updates
  • Free Google mini page updates
  • Analytics
  • Monthly reports
  • All web updates (optional)

5-10-20 MILES

This bolt on will ensure that you will be Guaranteed in the front page TOP 3 positionswe will aim to get you on the top 3 within 3 months on selected terms but can not guarantee all for your local area and all the higher positions where available in your selected coverage area (average ranking in surrounding top 5 subject to availability). With the PRIORITY PLUS packs we expect to double the PRIORITY PACK views as these positions are directly on the front page ALL day EVERY day! If you are not impressed with the PRIORITY PLUS add on then you can simply turn it off at any time.