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Web Design is offered as part of the core service packages at N & S Digital  Marketing. Websites are created using a range of different platforms and techniques to meet the customers needs. Primarily websites are created using WordPress or an open source version of the Architect designer. This is to offer customers the most flexibility and ease of use after creation however platforms such as Squarespace and WIX can also be used depending on the needs and specifications of the customer.

N & S Digital create a website tailored specifically to the needs of your business. All of our websites are fully responsive and work flawlessly across all devices. A website should be the heart of your business online and we treat is as such. All of our websites are set up as central hub for your brand online creating a focal point for you to really show your audience what you are about. We use a range of tools to help create engaging and creative websites for our customers and will make as many revisions as needed for you to be happy with the end product.

Creative Designs

Beautiful, bespoke designs tailored to your business needs.


Looking to sell online? We can help by building your new E-commerce website

Full Management

We look after and manage all aspects of your website, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business


Why choose N & S Digital for website design?

Your website tends to be peoples’ first introduction to your business. Their first impressions count! There are a number of reasons as to why you should choose N & S Digital to complete your website design:

Like we mentioned above, your website sets the first impression. You want your website to have a positive impact on potential customers and audiences when they first open your website. If your website looks outdated, or just simply unattractive/ unappealing then a lot of users will immediately click off or you will leave them with a negative impression of your business. If this happens, you will miss out on leads, and they may leave your page and go to a competitor’s page instead.

Having a great-looking website sets the impression for customer service. Think of it like this, if you put no effort into the design of your website, then potential customers may get the impression that you are going to put no effort into helping them either. Your website is a customer service representative. You want your website to look warm, welcoming, and inviting this encourages more users to stay on your page. N & S Digital can help you with this.

Having a well-designed website helps to build trust with your audience. Websites that are badly designed, people tend to not trust them because they could look spammy or like an uncertified website. Whereas a professional-looking website builds more trust with an audience. They will feel more comfortable shopping with you, which is exactly what you want when it comes to running a business. It is incredibly important to build trust with your audience, so they remain on your site. The longer people stay on your website, the more opportunities you will create.

You will also want your website to be mobile-friendly, this is essential. When people complete their online searches, they now happen straight from their mobile phones. Thus, your website needs to be mobile-friendly as you are more likely to gain more customers this way. Whereas if your website is unreadable on a mobile, potential customers will just click on off it and then you have lost a potential lead. Good website design must go beyond one screen, in today’s world, you need a website that looks great on all screens.

Do you want to stand out from competitors? Then choose N & S Digital to design your website for you. To stand out from the competition, your website must be dynamic, navigates well, it must be responsive. All of these elements help you to stand out from the crowd and most importantly, your competitors. Having strong branding and consistent use of your brand colours and having a creative layout are all ways in which you can stand out from the crowd. Having these elements helps your business to establish professionalism and trust which is what a business wants.

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