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Paid advertising is an excellent opportunity to reach your customers and reach them quickly. Unlike SEO which can take several months before you start seeing results PPC marketing will show you results almost instantly. PPC advertising refers to the adverts you see at the top of search engines such as Google when you make a search. These adverts are created in Google Adwords and opperate on a pay per click basis. If a potential customer searches something related to your business and clicks on your advertisement then you pay for that click.


A well designed and managed pay per click ad campaign on Google Adwords can help you reach the right customers for a reasonable cost. Google Adwords allows you to get very granular with the creation of your campaigns and adgroups within it and as a result a well structured and managed PPC campaign can do huge things for your business.


N & S Digital can help you with the initial set up of your PPC campaign and show you how to manage and optimise it as your campaign grows and develops over time. If you already have an existing PPC campaign then we can help you to optimise it and see how you can use the data to target your customers on a more granular level.


What results can you expect from PPC?

PPC advertising is very up and coming, there are tons of businesses who are now using it and generating great results. It is a great business marketing tactic to invest in PPC advertising.

PPC can contribute to your business goals which is a great reason as to why you should consider investing in it. Whether these goals are for more exposure for your business, or you want to generate more sales, PPC can help you get there. PPC ads can drive instant traffic to your website which is especially helpful if you are a new business and need exposure and leads. Having PPC can help businesses to maintain positive traffic levels.

Using PPC means that you can target specific groups based on the type of person you want to attract to your website e.g., age range, gender, likes, dislikes, etc. You can advertise on websites that your target customers visit by selecting keywords that you want to appear for and devices that your target audience use e.g., smartphones. If you target specific groups, you can go on to show your brand’s message to users who meet your ideal buyer persona who are more likely to convert and make a purchase from your business.

PPC can increase brand awareness and recognition. This is a great advantage to investing in PPC. PPC can be highly targeted with your media spend and build brand awareness with your target customers. If a user sees your business’s ads regularly, this will help them to become familiar with your business and will help to build trust, which will establish a stronger identity for your business.

PPC gives you a quick return on investments. How this happens is because adverts reach your targeted audience as soon as they go live. Results from PPC are instant, which is a positive element of PPC. However, this does not mean that PPC provides maximum profit return for minimum effort, you still need good preparation and planning for PPC to be effective.

Did you know that PPC can provide you with a ton of customer data? Data that you gather from PPC advertising is highly adaptable and you can use it to inform other marketing efforts. SEO can also benefit from PPC keyword analytics. For example, when completing your PPC marketing if one of your ads is performing well because of a keyword, it would be a clever idea to include this in your website content to generate more leads to your website and gain more SEO traffic. We recommend investing in PPC as it provides you with a lot of customer data that you can take advantage of.

Here at N & S Digital , we can help you with the set-up of your PPC campaign. We will show you how to manage and optimise your campaign as it begins to grow over time. We can also help you to optimise already existing PPC campaigns that you already have up and running.

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